Types of lip fillers

A guide of the different types of lips and how lip filler improves them

This is a guide on the different types of lip filler outcomes. You can see the maroon coloured dotted lines is the starting point (BEFORE) lip filler, and the (AFTER) result is the full red coloured lips. It is important to remember that every individual is different and each set of lips will be different.

Examples of different types of lip fillers

Identifying The Different Types Of Lips

Here is a guide to help you match your lips when starting out your lip filler journey. You can see the maroon coloured dotted lines is the starting point (BEFORE) lip filler, and the red lip is the AFTER result.

1. Full Lips

Full Lips example

Full lips also known as heart lips are sometimes associated with the tip of Cupid’s well-defined bow. Commonly identified with romance, full lips have a noticeable dip at the center of the upper lip. You can still see this dip even without lipstick or lining.

It’s not necessary that heart-shaped lips have a heavy lower lip.

2: Bottom Heavy Lips

Bottom or oversize bottom heavy lips

This type of lip filler is a subtle result yet produces a distinctive look. Woman who have lost volume via the process of ageing usual request this style of lips.

3: Natural wideLips

Wide Lips

Many many people prefer the natural look. This includes having lips which a marginally bigger in volume and a top lip which has shape which isn't too pronounced,

4: Oversize Top Lips

Oversize upper lips

Some people request a popular new look which is to have a noticeably larger top lip. This make the top lip appear full of volume and shape producing a Hollywood style look.

5: Thin Lips

Thin lips

For people with thin lips a solution can be to improve your volume through lip fillers. This is a process where the lips are injected with 0.5ml or 0.8ml of filler using a thin or small filler type. The lips become fuller and their definition starker. At the same time, it can also produce a more pronounced pout without being very noticeable.

6: Uneven lips

Uneven lips

We all have slightly uneven lips, with some lips being more uneven and highly noticeable to others. People who have visible uneven lips can feel that it is a frustrating cosmetic issue, which could affect your emotional health. Luckily if dermal fillers are injected correctly and over multiple session uneven lips can be correct. It's all about try to try asymmetry.

7: Drooping Lips

Droop Lips

There are numerous causes of lip ptosis (also known as drooping lips). Natural ageing may cause some degree of lip ptosis in many individuals as collagen and elastin breaks down and tissues begin to sag and droop. (Lips are composed of soft tissue and muscle). The outermost layer of lip cells contains hair follicles, oil glands, and sweat glands.

For those looking for a cosmetic injectables treatment to drooping lips, injectables may be able to help. Lip filler can be used to correct asymmetry and shape the lip.

8: Wrinkled Lips

Wrinkled Lips

Lip wrinkles, which are sometimes called lip lines are tiny vertical lines that form on the lips as we age. Sometimes wrinkled lips are also called crocodile lips which is just a fun fact. Lip wrinkles can be seen on the lips themselves as well as the area of skin around the lips, most of the time it's around the upper lip. They become highly visible to the eye and can stretch from one end of the mouth to the other. When foundation or lipstick is applied, the product can settle within these lines, making them appear deeper and darker than they are. Wrinkles above the lip, which appear as vertical lines, are often more visible and pronounced than those on the actual lips.

Injections of lip fillers performed by a trained medical injector can improve the appearance of fine lines of the lips. By applying lip fillers in micro amounts around the outside of the lines can significantly reduce the appearance of lip lines by reducing the movement of the muscles.

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