Your Post Lip Filler Recovery Journey

Your lip filler journey, what to expect.

If you have just had your lip filler treatment and you woke up with bruised and swollen lips, this page may help you understand the journey. Note: Remember that everyone's body is different and everyone recovers at different rates. This is a very generic guide.

Results vary for individuals
Individuals may require more treatments to achieve the desired lip goals. Touch up of lip filler is not an option, another treatment will be required to correct or enhance lip shape.

You have read and signed the consent form
You understand that lip filler treatment is an elective treatment and you are willing to have this treatment to help improve the volume in your lips. We DO NOT guarantee any results.

Phases of your lip filler journey.


Your lips look normal.

Immediately After-Injection: Your lips look big and possibly swollen.

Your lips look big, don't worry as the swelling is making them look bigger than you expected.

Later That Night After Your Injection: The "Uglies" Start

Your lips are going to feel tight, bruised, battered and very sore. If you apply icing all evening that will help, you can also apply topical Arnica to reduce swelling and bruising. Try to sleep on a double pillow to stay elevated, this can help with reducing the bruising puffiness of your lips in the morning.

Day 1: Bruising, Lumps and Swelling starts

A lot of visible bruising, swelling and lumpiness. Your lip tissue has been stretched, expect some soreness of your lips.

  • Drink loads of water.
  • You must not apply any makeup for 12 hours
  • You must not exercise 24-48 hours post treatment
  • You must not have facial treatments for 2 weeks post treatment
  • You must not have alcohol or smoke for 24-48 hours post treatment
  • You must eat hot or spicy foods post treatment for 12 hours

Day 2: Unevenness and bruising

Your bruising is looking like it's getting worse. You may also have some very hard, purple lumps at the injection sites.

Post lip filler bruising

Day 3: Your lips look really uneven

You lips look uneven today, any pain and tightness should be subsiding.

Day 4 & 5: Your lips are finally starting to look a little better

Bruising is still pretty visible, but your swelling is going down. Your lips should be starting to take shape.

Day 6: Nice lips, but still lumpy and most of the bruising has gone.

If you have some lumpiness or a blob of filler is still evident when you smile, you can massage your lips gently to help the filler integrate into your lips. To massage your lips, watch the following video on the best technique to prevent any issues.

Days 7-12: Looking great, might need a small massage

If you still have some lumpiness, you can continue to massage your lips gently as per the video above.

In Summary - Be patient and trust the process

Follow your Cosmetic Injector’s suggestions after how long the process will take. Remember that Arnica can reduce the swelling more quickly and if you need even faster healing time for that special occasion, 1 or 2 sessions under our LED Healite can dramatically improve your recovery time.

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