Lip Filler Cost

Lip filler cost can vary from clinic to clinic. You need to consider the quality of the filler product used and much more.

Top of mind for many people is the lip filler cost. With any treatment, prices vary between clinics due to a variety of factors (covered below). This page will help you understand what goes into the cost of providing lip fillers.

Here is a breakdown of how many clinics come up with the cost they charge for lip filler.


  • There is many lip filler products available on the market. Products range from different countries of origin and have dramatically different results. Most importantly the quality of the lip filler affects the cost. Cheap lip filler product is not only significantly cheaper to buy but has poor results and a short life longevity.

Cosmetic Injector Experience

The experience of the cosmetic injector should be paramount in your consideration when being treated by any particular clinic. Questions you should ask:

  1. Before and after photos of previous lip filler results?
  2. A you a quality Registered Nurse or Doctor?
  3. How many years cosmetic injecting experience do they have?
  4. What results can I expect to see?

Cost of Doctor Scripts

  • A Doctors script is required for dermal fillers such as lip fillers as they are a S4 (scheduled 4 drug). The cost of scripts varies from doctor to doctor.

Consumables (these are needed to perform the treatment)

  • numbing Cream
  • anti-sceptic consumables (such as chlorhexidine cleaning agent)
  • sterile Dressing pack
  • medical gel

Clinic Costs

  • Insurance, electricity, internet and water

Remember that the saying you pay for what you get, well in the cosmetic world that is especially true. You need to spend the time to consider what your paying for? The last thing you want is to go cheap and only to end up with poor lips or product that doesn't last. Understanding the lip filler cost components will help you make a informed decision.

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