How long does lip filler last?

You feel that you no longer have dermal filler in your lips?

Lip filler is made from a natural sugar compound which is not permanent lasting. Fillers break down at different rates depending on the thickness of the filler, the brand and more importantly an individuals metabolisim. If you’re hoping for lips full of volume , but instead you’re noticing that your results aren’t turning quite as you expected, read on.

Let start with how long lip filler can last?

Depending on the type of filler used and the brand this is what you can experience. You most likely will fall into 2 categories. 1: Normal longevity or 2: Not holding filler. If your body is "not holding filler", then it would most likely be that your metabolism is breaking down the filler faster than expected and no matter how much dermal filler is put in you won't get the desired lips.

how long does lip filler last?
It is important to remember, filler longevity can not be predicted or guaranteed

Common observations when you believe that you no longer have dermal filler in your lips:

1: Swelling has settled

When your lips swell immediately post injections they look much larger than the final result. When the swelling subsides (usually within 7 days) you may think that your lips have no more filler in them when they actually do and are showing the final result.

2: Lumps and bumps of filler have integrated reducing the size of your lips

Lip filler can take upto 21 days to integrate into your lip tissue. When the filler is lumpy and bumpy your lips can appear larger. This fullness reduces once your lip filler has fully integrated.

3: You have become used to your lips (they still have lip filler in them)

This is very common in most first time lip filler candidates. Your lips are bigger and you have simply become used to your larger size lips and forgotten about your original volume & size of your lips. Before and after photos can help showcase this. It important to compare before and after photos as in most cases you will see that filler is still present in your lips although you may believe it has all gone. Photos can help show your original lips prior to the treatment and what your current lips look like.

What can I do next if I feel like my lip filler is not lasting:

1: For First time lip filler candidates

You should layer a 2nd dose of dermal filler 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment. This will help bind the fillers from your 1st and 2nd treatment sessions together and provide more volume. The practise of adding more filler sooner (before it has all dissolved) increases the chances of longevitiy.

2: Maintenance

Drink lots of water to hydrate the filler as well as protecting against UV exposure by applying sunscreen.

3: You might be someone who is not a great candidate for holding lip filler.

If your filler breaks down fast, this might be a good chance to try a different brand (if number 1 and 2 points don't work for you). If after trying a different brand of lip filler you see that you're not holding filler produced by a different company it would most likely mean your body is breaking down filler very quickly. This would mean lip filler isn't a viable option for you.

No Guarantees.

It is very important to note: lip filler treatment is elective and no results can ever be guaranteed. Although clinic trials have found that lips filler last anywhere between 3-6months (thin and medium fillers) all the way upto 12months (thick fillers), results showed individuals can breakdown filler much quicker for example, within 4 weeks after being treated. This is often referred to in the industry as "not being able to hold filler".

Here is a short video providing more information:

Important Information: this information is purely from experience and is not to be taken as advice or clinic information. It is up to you to seek professional advice.

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